Wednesday, 1 August 2012

(1952-2012) Farewell to you...

Some may despise you,
The way like I do,
Some may love you,
And that includes me too

For some reason there is always enough reason to hate,
But only at the end will I know that its merely just bait,

Always sacrifice and never selfish to be,
Its the two most important thing to thee I see,
You'll always nurture these to me over the years,
So that I could become a great man in the future

For one thing that is certain,
You did thought me to,
A way of life that is better than anyone else do

Now no matter how I refuse to believe,
That you ain't here anymore alongside with me,
A white glow has gone from a pitch black room,
And with it I know that I'm here left alone

As perfect as I would want it to be,
But that is not how life were supposed to be,
From anger to tears I could only send you,
And wishes and prayers so I may see you soon

So long to the world,
You've gone to a new place,
Hopefully you'll be at ease,
With a smile on your face

Farewell and goodbye is the very least I can give,
To you my father, always was and always will be...


the malay male said...

people come, people go

Titisan Hujan said...

2 3 hari ni byk bc entry sal abah

ghost writer said...

long time tak jumpa, bro

blog-tips-kurus said...

welcome back bro!!

your father .... ?

@Fr!^n@ said...

Salam takziah di bulan ramadhan...diuji tu tanda DIA syg bangat sama kita...hopefully harta yg dipinjamkan kat kita tuh dah digunakan sehabis baik tika hayatnya...
What a sweet poem up there...hope she/he rest in peace...aammmiinnn

Wadi AR said...

sabar ye. dah lama tak nampak encik

Jejentik said...

The best thing to do is pray for him at all times.Everything happens for a reason, very cliche right.Well, it's such a good saying.

Try to find that reason.

ஜ miss klanika ஜ said...

hidup mungkin payah. tapi yg hitam tetap akan berlalu

Bella Bell said...

Tabahkan hati.

Sebelum terlambat, selamat berpuasa.. :)

Kamu dah sihat?

~* chirpy_chummy *~ said...

owh, here u are. long time no see.

takziah. hope u're in a good shape, bro.

oh nudra said...

drop to my blog when you're free ok!

Dewi Aja said...

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