Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Make a move

A few years back...

'Bip !! Bip !! Bip !! Target acquired. You know, I've been aiming her since the first day my eyes met her.', said Man.

'Hey dude, she's looking straight at you with a little smirk on her face', Tam exclaimed.

'Just chill. Take a deep breath and go, buddy ! I know you can do it.' 

'Fuuuuh... Yeah ! Wish me luck.'

Making a move on a girl is exhilarating, nerve-wrecking, nail-biting and makes your heart filled with anxiety. Hoping to get it done in the right time is difficult. It's either do or die situation. It takes a lot of guts and all of the courage that you can muster to ask a girl out on a date because if you got rejected, to walk back to the place where you started from are definitely hard. It almost felt like your energy drained out from you and makes you feel so weak and incapable to take a step.


'Hey ! Man is back. Let's hear it.'

'So how did it go, dude ?', I asked.

'HEHEHE... I'm in. I made it. She said yes and want to go on a date with me. Yeah !!!'

'Good for you, dude. Well done.' 

And the rest is history. Azman a.k.a Man are married to the girl and been blessed with 3 child. And they still live happily till this day. Rustam a.k.a Tam are still the same like me, single and hoping to get it done in the right place at the right time with the right woman. Well, I guess it's time for me to go back out there. And time for me to make a move.


ghost writer said...

jangan risau,masa untuk kau akan ada.masa tuh jangan duk kebil2kan mata taknak amik peluang.

*dark blue tuh buat aku terpaksa picingkan penglihatan aku bro.

ecah mashuri said...

senyummm.,tak perlu kata apa2.heeeeeeee

JIJI YU said...

amik pluang sebaek mungkin..

blog-tips-kurus said...

life must goes on... :)

*kerja sendiri la best! freedom!

bujal X said...

member da tiga anak weh~~he~~

Fyqa said...

rustam atau tam spt anda?
tu bukan org yg sama?


smoga cpat2 dpt jdoh. mmbe pon dh 3 ank kan.


oh nudra said...

can't wait to get marry too, huh? go and find 1. she waited for you out there ^^

aniswany said...

azman n man ?

rustam n tam ?

who are you ?

hihi =p

intan.maisarah said...


anda mampu
anda boleh


saya suka makan lauk kenduri orang kawin,,!!!

chirpy_chummy said...

yes, u shud.

James Alexander said...

ghost : ok.. time tu kena fokus...

sory bro.. nanti aku tukar kaler itu...

ecah : nape senyum je...??? say something...

jiji : ye. musti ambil peluang. mcm kamu dan sang pelangi... hehehe..

b.t.k : benar.. nak keje sendiri tu belum sampai kesampaiannya lg.

bujal : kalau x die boleh kumpul lg ramai tu... boleh buat team bola. hehehe...

fyqa : rakan sy yg bernama rustam atau tam masih single seperti sy. itu maksud sy... adakah sukar difahami..???

nudra : still searching... coz still no potential target.

aniswany : mungkin anda perlu membacanya berkali2... maaf jika menimbulkan kekeliruan.

intan : bukankah majlis anda yg berlangsung dulu ? hehehe...

chirpy : *smile*

PrmpnDkwtMrh said...

good luck then! :DDDD